Custom Design Animatronic Animal in Taiwan Sea World

Custom Design Animatronic Dinosaur

In 1th May 2013, sea world of Taiwan will have one exhibition of prehistoric sea life. Our custom design Animatronic Animals from jurassic to ice age will be main character there. The exhibition will contain 19 units real size animatronic animal. They can make response to visiting tourists by sound control. That means people just give sound and make animatronic creatures move and roar.

Liopleurodon is the ruler of ocean in jurassic period. The prehistoric sea life exhibition is available for its show without doubt. The Custom Design Animatronic Dinosaur with 5m long surely will be attend to the exhibition in time. 

Originally, we listed 10m long prehistoric animatronic fish (liopleurodon) to client. 10m length is original size to the big fish. But, the animatronic fish is too big to be contained by exhibiting site, so we have to customize animtronic animal within 5m length. 

Sea Animatronic Creatures

Another ruler of the ocean is Megalodon, who lives in ice age. The big sea creature has 12m length and can eat up one wild bull in one shot time. Because ice age animal exhibition will be hold in outdoor garden, so we manufacturer animatronic megalodon with original size to client. The big animatronic animal will rock visitors, and make people enjoy prehistoric sea. 

Sea life animatronic creature in sea world

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