Animatronic Dinosaur is Decorated as Night Scene in Seoul

Quality Animatronic Dinosaur

At the beginning of March 2013, six little Animatronic Dinosaurs-animatronic allosaurus appeared on Gangnam Road in Seoul. The mini dinosaur exhibition draw walkers' attention. Many passers stopped for taking phtoto and video. Dinosaur with realistic movement and roaring sound showed up in Seoul for first time.

Six mini animatronic dinosaurs were exhibited at garden of street center. They were color in red and black, so look mysterious and scared. Parents took children to see the scared creatures and story them that you will be ate if you haven't good behavious. That made people recall childhood, right?  

Animatronic Allosaurus with life size

Client who ordered six dinosaurs, came from environment project department of South Korea. Before March 2013, the department wanted to operate project about beautify and environment of city's street. Prehistoric creatures come back! is the one part of the whole project. Moving animatronic dinosaur with education and entertainment became excellent choice to them.

By chance, we once took project of Inchon Geopark. Our life size animatronic dinosaurs still worked there. Through local communication, the client found us. Client promised that quality dinosaur project for the garden, and we will gain more projects in next year. After June 2013, they will have bigger project for central park in Seoul. Our animatronic dinosaur must be considered for future project.


Mini Animatronic Dinosaur Project in Seoul

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