Service After Sale of Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal

Offering Animatronic Animal Service

Through years experience of animatronics business, we build one system service after sale. Whatever size of Animatronic Dinosaur or animal, we have supported technology after sale. The sale is defined two conditions such as technology communication & support and installation and training in exhibiting site.

In addition, we think about multi-services according to client's order quantity. For example, one unit animatronic dinosaur's spare parts might be different to ten units. one huge size animatronic animal also be different to the mini size.

We once made 60m long Animatronic Argentinosaurus in Natural Museum of  Buenos Aires. In order to make the huge animatronic dinosaur, we sent 35 project staffs to there for making big creature. The huge animatronic Argentinosaurus is record Guinness that biggest handmade animatronic dinosaur.

Service after sale animatronic dinosaur

Our Service of After Sale:


(1). We provide installation service. (The service is sutiable for big project, such as big size animatronic dinosaur who is over 30m long)


(2). Supported Technology. (While making animatronics, prepare well concerned technology files as electric board plan, motor position draft and installation manual etc.)


(3). If we need to send project staffs to exhibiting site, having training. (the Service is available in big project)


(4). Double customized CPU Control Box (the service is available according to order quantity)


(5). Fiberglass decoration of exhibiting site.


In total word, we offer service after sale of animatronic dinosaur or animal according to concrete project.

Life Size Animatronic Argentinosaurus

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