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Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc. who is professional Dinosaur Park Supplier for over 10 years. Although our company is established in 2010, our project staffs and leaders specializing in animatronic making since 1998. In 2000, China Dinosaur Park had been building and need amount Animatronic Dinosaur as park's exhibits.

Our boss who then was a technology engineer, know the supply ing information from Dinosaur park. He contacted purchase director and introduced full information of Zigong's Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur. Through his hard work, the director decided to buy animatronic dinosaur from our boss.  

Professional Dinosaur Park Supplier

Our boss joined in work since 1991, then serve intelligent robot. He was shocked by "Jurasic Park" 1993. These simulation dinosaurs were so realistic, and seem to come out from the screen. As one researcher of robot, he knew then the model prop which was named 'Animatronic Dinosaur' with roar and movements, joined the film.

After American dinosaur alive show for Guangzhou China, He had a thoughts that came back hometown to establish self animatronic company, and serve various Dinosaur Parks. Because his hometown "Zigong" was named Dinosaur Hometown, could gain lots of dinosaur's file.

He knew that animatronic dinosaur was attractive to dinosaur park, but buyers of dinopark had to abandon purchase becaause of expensive cost. He found the business opportunity and specializing in Animatronic Dinosaur made in China with high quality and cheap cost.

Through his unceasing improvement of technology, quality and cheap animatronic dinosaur has came to being. Supply animatronic dinosaur from our company was particular favourite from Dinosaur Parks of the world.     

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