Amazing Dinosaur Animatronics Show in Malaysia

Fiberglass Dinosaur Landscape

With mysterious prehistoric period's specification, our amazing Dinosaur Animatronics again was exhibited in Malaysia. Our client put the animatronic life size dinosaurs to indoor after they held one big Dinosaur Alive exhibition at outdoor playground in Sungai Ujong. The dinosaur exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur's Commercial exhibition hall.

Through one month's preparation, our client finished the projects as dismantling, transportation, and layout for indoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition. Because of our direction we lef, our client was easy to complete the big animatroni dinosaur project. So, he specially sent email to us for thanking us.

Amazing Dinosaur Animatronics Show

Indoor dinosaur exhibition was limited by room of indoor. Because our 20m long animatronic brachiosaurus was over indoor roof's height, so client had to abandon huge animatronic dinosaur for the show. He specially choosen middle small dinosaur animatronics who was not limited by room of indoor for the show.

In order to attract visitor's eyes, he specially customized fiberglass dinosaur landscape as decoration of entrance at indoor. The landscape was amazing so that people had a sight of it and thought of jurassic dinosaurs. In addition, he placed one animatronic Troodon with roar and movements in outdoor's lawn. Through the vivid animatronic troodon dinosaur, let people entered into mysterious wolrd step by step.

Animatronic Troodon Dinosaur

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