Best Animatronic Dinosaur Offer for Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur Museum Animatronic Dinosaur

On 30th February 2013, newly-decorated Dinosaur Museum in Geneva was opened to worldwide's tourists. There, popular and best animatronic dinosaur offer as tourist attractions of the museum. Two artificial dinosaur fossil replicas as T-Rex and Triceratops were exhibited the hall of the indoor. The Dinosaur Museum was established in 1960, and got great success as world cultural heritage in the 50 years of past. In order to enjoy trend of international travel, Matteo who was director of the dinosaur museum, decided to import interactive animatronic dinosaur for decorating dinosaur museum. The dinosaur model with lifelike movement and roar owns strong interactive entertainment to visitors. Visitors of museum could approach dinosaurs and made various amused look for taking photo. Little visitors also could ride animatronic dinosaur like brave jurassic riders.   

Artificial Dinosaur Fossil Replica

Before these quality animatronic dinosaurs went to Geneva, Matteo once came to us for checking our animatronic dinosaur. Our quality materials for making animatronics as seamless metal, imported motor from Germany and CE certificated silicone etc. offer confidence to him.  He confirmed that we are professional dinosaur museum supplier, and we all were happy to cooperate.

He specially customized 30m long and 11m high Animatronic Turiasaurus for the outdoor playground of the museum Because turiasaurus was typical dinosaur catalog in Switzerland of dinosaur period. The huge Animatronic Turiasaurus project cost much works of our project staffs. 



Animatronic Dinosaur Turiasaurus

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