Life Size Animatronic Animal as Park Attractions

Hot Sale Animatronic Animal

On May 2012, Six Pierre who was executive director of Brussels Park, contacted us for purchasing our life size animatronic animal. Three months later, great Belgium Beer Festival would been coming that was big business opportunity for park's tour business. Then, tourists from the world would celebrate the festival. After that, they continue to visit other tourist attractions of Brussels. Brussels Park was essential site.

In order to add new attractions, Six wanted to exhibit popular animatronic animal exhibits, including ice age animals and jurassic dinosaurs. These extinct ceratures were fresh to tourists because they never seen in practical life. Our life size animatronic animal is a wonder that restoring prehistoric period. Tourists could see and touch "realistic animals".

Best quality animatronic animal

As professional dinosaur park supplier, we specializing in animatronic animal. Six found us by his business channel. Through negotiations, he finalize 25 hot sale animatronic animals as Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Mammoth and Dodo bird etc. The popular animal models were famous in extinct creatures to present people.

Like these animals, our sculpted artist and project staffs had made over 1000 units, and had enough experience to undertake projects on condition of quality guarantee. As professional dinosaur park supplier, we would provide best quality animatronic animal for Six.

Dinosaur Park Supplier

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