Custom Design Animatronic Dinosaur for Taman Mini

Custom Design Animatronic Dinosaur

On October 2012, Agus who was purchasing manager of Taman Mini, which was famous theme park in Indonesia, contacted us for animatronic dinosaur. He said that wanted to buy 2 animatronic tyrannosaurus rex (baby and adult) for decoration for Mini Dino Land. The Mini Dino Land's district would be built in January 2013. Two custom design animatronic dinosaurs would be placed in fiberglass cave.

In the animatronic dinosaur project, we customize dinosaur' s electric control program according to client's design. Cute baby T-Rex was exhibited outside of cave to show directly visitors. People surely approach it for touching or taking photo. Suddenly, adult T-Rex came out for roaring to visitors. The sudden surprise would enjoy visitors well.  

Quality and Cheap Animatronic Dinosaur

In order to achieve client's design, our electric engineer used integrated program between baby and adut animatronic tyrannosaurus rex. So did it, big animtronic dinosaur also be operated while mini animatronic dinosaur works. Sensor was their conductor. People once approached mini dino, and operated big dinosaur at the same time.

On December 2012, two quality and cheap animatronic dinosaurs were under the way to Taman Mini. Our client was exciting to our animatronic dinosaurs coming. In the past, they wanted to search professional animatronics manufacturer all the time, but core technology was mastered by Europeans and Americans. Their cost is so high. Through this project, they totally approaved our quality and cheap animatronic dinosaur. 

Custom design animatronic tyrannosaurus rex

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