Huge Animatronic Dinosaurs are Decorated in Natural Museum

Animatrronic Dinosaur Turiasaurus

On December 2011, our Zurich client who was owner of Zurich Dinosaur Museum, ordered 2 animatronic dinosaurs for decoration of museum. They were 10m long and 30m long Animatronic Turiasaurus. Huge Animatronic Dinosaurs were placed in center of outdoor playground of the museum so that giving visual impact to visitors.

When we made 30m long animatronic turiasaurus, had to divide to 2 parts to be made.(Head and body) Because the huge animatronic dinosaur's height exceed our factory(10m height), so need to be dismantled two parts for making. In addition, its body's width was 4.2m, which over biggest width of 40HQ container. So, we specially customized assembly so that packed into container. But, the big animatronic dinosaur project  was still spent much time and labor in dismantling and installation. 

Dinosaur Museum Animatronic Dinosaur

With successful animatronic dinosaur alive show in 2012, client continue to purchase our five hot sale animatronmic dinosaurs for Sixty anniversary of dinosaur museum in 2013. According to client's big area outdoor playground, he was still ordered huge animatronic dinosaurs as 30m long Omeisaurus, 10m long Allosaurus and 7m high brachiosaurus. For now, he had built biggest animatronic dinosaur museum in Switzerland, and owned biggest animtronic dinosaur in Europe. These huge artificial dinosaur models are enough to apply for Guinness.



Hot Sale Animatronic Dinosaur

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