Custom Design Animatronic Animals for Perth Zoo

Life Size Animatronic Mammut

Have you seen enough present animals performance in Zoo? In January 2013, taking you back Jurassic Period to view dinosaurs alive in Perth Zoo. There, you would know how extinct of dinosaur is. The Prehistoric Animal exhibition would surprise Perth residents. That attributes the success to our Custom Design Animatronic Animal.

This was big Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaur and Ice Age Animatronic Animal Exhibition, including 58 units animatronic animals. Each life size animatronic animal represnets particular period about animal's evolution. Visitors could make a tour among animatronic animals and know more prehistoric life information.

Custom Design Animatronic Animal

On the central playground, there was one fiberglass made moutain. One 10m long Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex was installed there as attraction. While visitors entered into Zoo, could see this big size animatronic dinosaur. In addition, client specially customized time tunnel behind the moutain, which is fiberglass made cave. All life size jurassic diosaur model were placed inside. People once came into the tunnel, and could enjoy amazing animatronic dinosaur.

In addition, client layout Ice age animatronic animals in Animal Museum of Zoo. Cute and strong Animatronic Mammut was the hottest ice age animal star. many kids like riding the animatronic mammut for taking pictures. In order to enjoy visitors well, client asked us to customize function of spitting water from animatronic mammut's nose. The custom design animatronic animal offer much entertainment to visitors.

Dinosaur Fossil Replica

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