Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition 2013 in Tunisia

Animatronic Baryonyx model

After the winter, our Tunisian client will host one big animatronic dinosaur exhibition. The theme dinosaur exhibition will be located in Tunis. Fancy life size animatronic dinosaurs with movements and roaring also surprise local tourists. This is new tour attraction. Tunis is historical tour city to international community, is known as amount historical sites. Nobody can think over dinosaur alive invading the historical cultural city.  Surely, dinosaur is older than the city.

The Dinosaur Alive Show will be opened on 5th March 2013. Our client had invited local media to report and advertise this event. Over thirty thousand local residents comment this interesting dinosaur attraction. Internet people say that Full Size animatronic dinosaurs is curious to people. Curiosity will be best profit temptation because amount tourists also will come Tunis for popular animatronic dinosaur attraction. More business opportunities also be in it. 


2013 animatronic dinosaur exhibition

The dinosaur show's exhibiting site is located Bearveda Park, where is famous scenic area in Tunis. Beautiful landscape and prehistoric animatronic dinosaurs will be offered more surprise to tourists. Vivid tyrannosaurus, spinosaurus and ankylosaurus seemingly come out of movie to enjoy local tourists. In these dinosaurs, one 8m long Animatronic Baryonyx had planed to place entrance path. The animatronic baryonyx with lifelike roaring and movement interact visitors that offers shocking to tourists, who see this animatronics for first time.

In a word, welcoming to Tunisia Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition 2013.. Here, you will see the most realistic dinosaur.

Animatronic Dinosaur Full Size

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