Display Animatronic Dinosaur as 2013 Garden Decoration

Animatronic VelicoRaptor Model

Display Animatronic Dinosaur to Gilgamesh Garden in Jordan, which is theme garden with mysticism. There, display mini prehistoric relic, jurassic Animatronic Dinosaur and simulated fiberglass moon surface etc. These theme exhibits all come from Dino Walk, which is leading animatronics company in China. Any model catalog can be customized by us. In exhibits, Garden Decoration Animatronic Dinosaur is the most popular attraction without doubt to visitors.

Because we bring wondeful life to these mysterious prehistoric animal model, visitors are fascinated to animatronic dinosaur exhibits. They can move, and suddenly come out from artificial plant decoration to frighten visitors. "Dinosaur seemingly with life is better than other exhibits. Its fans is the most." said by Javor, who is the director of the exhibition.

Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaur

2m long Animatronic VelociRaptor is exhibited entrance of dinosaur exhibiting area. Why does place animatronic VelociRaptor there? Javor answered that make people see bigger wonders from little thing. Visitors see little animatronic VelociRaptor with crazy movements and roaring, will interest more later large size animatronic dinosaur such as Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus etc. The little velociraptor looked upon as fortune cat.

As 2013 garden decoration, animatronic dinosaur is the most popular attraction to Jordan residents. The garden is opening to visitors, and administered ticket entry. People will rush to buy ticket in order to wonderful jurassic animatronic dinosaur.

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Animatronic Dinosaur as Garden Decoration

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