Animatronic Dinosaur Made in China for Amusement Park

Animatronic Dinosaur Made in China

Recently, our Animatronic Dinosaur Made in China sale to Malaysia Legoland Amusement Park. That is 10m long Animatronic Spinosaurus Dinosaur with interactive entertainment. How is it? Client asked us to make one little device like mini table that control animatronic spinosaurus movements as mouth, tail and head etc. in order to satisfy client, we specially customized stainless metal control table from workpiece factory. Through handling of our electric engineer, the animatronic dinosaur's movements could be driven by control table signal.

What features of control table is? 8 buttons on the control table. Each button connects wire of operating movement signal. So, people just press the button is to control animatronic dinosaur movement. 8 buttons represent 8 movements from Animatronic Spinosaurus.

Mini Animatronic Dinosaur Egg

Except for Animatronic Dinosaur, we made one high 2m fiberglass tyrannosaurus rex head to exhibit entrance of Dinoland, which open theme exhibiion in 2013. Fierce T-Rex seemingly shows information that rule the earth again. People see the dinosaur head, and interest inside mysterious world. As Amusement Park Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction, these dinosaur were layout artificial building forest. Once visitors approach the covert grove, lifelike dinosaur roaring would attract them. 

In the center of the artificial forest, layout mini animatronic dinosaur egg. Baby animatronic tyrannosaurus rex around the egg roaring at the visitors. It seemingly show warning to visitors, who were approaching. Most visitors would stay for taking photo with mini animatronic dinosaur egg.

Animatronic Spinosaurus for sale

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