African Prairie Animatronic Animal For Garden Decoration

African Prairie Animatronic Animal Model

Without going to African Prairie, you also can great animals migrating groups. Beautiful zebra, powerful lion and heavy African elephant etc. exhibit in Farrell Mysterious Garden as Animatronic Animal Decoration. These Life Size African Animal Models all driven by inside engines, and move and roar by automatic sensor. Operating program of infrared ray. So, once people approach these African Prairie Animatronic Animals, and seemingly enter one real world of prairie.

This is African Animal theme corner of the Farrell Mysterious Garden. Its aim to advertise importance of rare animals protection. Marking features and endangered information on the sign, which placed under the each animatronic animal.

Life Size Animatronic Zebra Model for Sale

"We place the Life Size Animatronic Animals to Garden in order to advertise our art gallery. There, exhibiting artists' works about paint form life in Africa. These endangered animals seemingly echo painters' mind from the paints. They are eager for protection from human, and home paradise. I believe that combination of art gallery and Animatronic Animal exhibits is good revelation of ecological protection." said by Farrell, who is owner of the garden, from France.

When visitor enter into the garden, have a first sight of 2m long Animatronic Zebra exhibit. The Animatronic Zebra looked upon as exhibit of welcoming guest. The beautiful stripe and tender roaring seemingly demonstrate joy to love form the human. Garden Decoration Animatronic Animal is excellent exhibit.

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