Simulated Animatronic Dinosaur Created for Ueno Park

Animatronic Dinosaur plesiosaur for sale

Last year December, Mr Takano who is the purchasing officer of Ueno Park Tokyo, came to Guangdong Fair for watching our Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits. In 2013, the park need new attractions for worldwide tourists. He told me that 2 projects about jurassic dinosaur period and ice age animals been creating. So, first project about dinosaur alive need for administering by quality Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer.

Mr Takano early contacted me in April 2012, then their park's dino and animal plan were forming. As a professional buyer, he inquiried many professional questions to the animatronic dinosaur and animal. For example, how to maintain; how to install; which engine better is? After he confirmed our profession, determined to make business with us.

Animatronic Simulated Dinosaur for Sale

In mid June 2012, he preliminary to purchase 33 Simulated Animatronic Dinosaurs to park. In the orders, famous Japanese Dinosaur such as Microraptor, plesiosaur and psittacosaurus etc. show up. Mr Takano told me that dinosaur forest area had been established, moving animatronic dinosaur projects would be finalized by there purchasing department.

Through half year process, our animatronic dinosaurs divided into two groups to park. Quantity also be increased to 47 pieces. Its aim to create whole dinosaur evolution and extinction to surprise tourists that biggest dinosaur kingdom here in Japan.

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