Life Size Dinosaur Model Supplier in China

Life Size Dinosaur Model Supplier China

Life Size Dinosaur Model is new attraction 2013 for Zoo. In Chile National Zoo, people are busy to set primitive jurassic scene, which specially opened one exhibiting area by zoo managing groups, to show 2013 Dinosuar Alive theme. For decorating the scene, amount fiberglass rocks and 2 huge fiberglass volcano new purchased come early to zoo in 10th December 2012.

Before order our Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction, Chile client has mentioned about jurassic decorations, and would like to purchase fiberglass decorations to us. We promised fiberglass rock because these decorations is samll to be easy to pack container. But, fiberglass volcano, we early mind that let client solve it by self because the thing is so huge.

Amusement park dinosaur model

Through futher negotiations, we agreed to make fiberglass volcano, but removed fiberglass volcano so that pack into the containers. "We are Professional Life Size Dinosaur Model supplier in China, any question and difficulty meet, first we should think of how to solve, not avoid." Said by boss when we insist in refusing making volcano.

For now, animated Animatronic Dinosaurs are building for their new home.

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