Educational Animatronic Dinosaur Model shows in College Museum

Educational Animatronic Dinosaur Model in the College Museum

Recently, our vivid Animatrtonic Dinosaur Model resided Natural Museum of Shenyang Institute of the Technology. The dinosaur was injured Maiasaura who was attacked by customized Animatronic Baryonyx. The Baryonyx was eating and hurting minor Maiasaura body, and much blood came out from the body, looking so brutal. While we installed the dinosaur well, one kid scream at the Baryonyx that released the cute maiasaura. It is cute kid surely.

Of course, these dinosaurs all belong to handwork, which had vivid skin, movements and roaring. People who never saw the replica, were easy to be cheated to their eyes. As Educational Animatronic Dinosaur Model, we created its all details strictly in accordance with the scientific data of Maiasaura and Baryonyx.

Animated Animatronic Dinosaur as entertainment equipment

The college museum only open for students in the past, but these museum exhibits gradually face to the public with trend of education into the open. For now, amount people accompaied with firends or families enter into the museum for visiting handmade prehistoric creatures as entertainment in each holiday as National Day and Labor's Day etc.

"This Entertainment Equipment Animatronic Dinosaur to the public. They would like watching novelty. Children have the biggest curiousness to these Indoor Dinosaur Replica because they basically own much curiosity to newness." said by the president of the college.

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