Animatronic Dinosaur Robot Highlights the Natural Museum

Animatronic Dinosaur Robot highlights whole indoor

"Carry the Animatronic Dinosaur Robot to corner of dinosaur, tomorrow dinosaur alive exhibition will open in due form. Be careful to handle up to down, pay more attention to Animatronic Iguanodon, inside motor is easy to take off with strong power." Hasan directed the all events of the exhibition like clockwork, and arranged his staff to transfer new Exhibiting Animatronic Dinosaur to prehistoric creatures hall.

Then, my electric engineer and I assisted him to install and check big size Animatronic Dinosaurs because of his invitation before ordered. He said that the new attraction dinosaur came to Bangladesh Natural Museum for first time, so made this Dinosaur Alive Show administer without any problem. Experienced technician is must. Hope we sending professionals to there for assisting.

Make Animatronic Dinosaur Business with us

Thank god Hasan did it because there voltage device produced problem. There, staff did not know how to handle our customized device, so need our professional to solve. After our engineer's inspection, found that connected cable got wrong sockets. If the problem going on, Animatronic Dinosaur would short out in the running.

In installation, there staffs only connected the dinosaur parts, which was cut off, did not glue the parts with mixture of gasoline and silicone. I reminded it and taught them how to handle breaking part in later running of electric control Animatronic Dinosaur. Engineer also trained local electricians how to maintain daily works so that they could handle by themselves after we left.

"Thank god Danny and your engineer come to here for training. I appreicate your system service. So did it, we can handle emergency by ourselves in later Animatronic Dinosaur Business." Said by Hasan.

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