Life Size Simulation Dinosaur in Bolivian DinoPark

Life Size Simulation Dinosaur in the factory

In South America, Animatronic Dinosaur Business has huge market, because our Life Size Simulation Dinosaur never show up there. Kala who is administrative director of Bolivian DinoPark, came to our animatronics factory for purchasing plan in August 2012. Said that the park established 2010, once ordered groups dinosaur replicas with expensive cost. The expenses makes their park decorations plan loss. After that, they want to purchase quality and cheap Animatronic Dinosaurs all the time, but never find the manufacturer.

In Guangzhou Entertainment Fair, June 2012, we met the Kala and got the idea. One week later, she visited our factory and inquiried features of dinosaurs. "You dinosaur surface whether preserve rain and sunlight etc. Our weather there is very hot, so I am afraid strong sunshine that burned dino surface" 

Largest Animatronic Dinosaur Park

"Do be afraid that. You could see our surface silicone explain, which marks waterproof and sunscreen. After dry of silicone, children also can touch the vivid simulation dinosaurs." said by me. Kala was content to my explain after she checked silicone specification. The, we were making one 12m long Animatronic Brachiosaurus, which been gluing the antirust silicone. Kala investgated the working procedure and been more cofident to our Dinosaur production.

"I saw the metal is your dino inside frame, how do you handle its inside antirust. Sorry to my frankness because our country is close to sea and has damp air. It is easy to produce rust on metal."

"Good question! After we finish the whole product, paint the antirust which mixed by gasoline and silicone on the metal preserve years rust. In order to preserve sea damp air, we could paint two layers." After she listened to my explain, was glad to the visiting. One month later, 20 beautiful Animatronic Dinosaurs ordered by the Dinopark director.


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