3D Animatronic Dinosaur Model in the Jurassic Theme Restaurant

3D Animatronic Dinosaur Model

For now, you do not go to the cinema for watching 3D jurassic dinosaur with 3D glasses, only use eyes to watch vivid 3D Animatronic Dinosaur Model even touching. As a professional Animatronic Dinosaur manufacturer, we make prehistoric dinosaur replica with details, including each tooth, wrinkle and size etc. These made dinosaur look like real is different from the simulated dinosaur on movie. People can really touch dinosaur alive!

As known as the public, dinosaur period is divided to 3 eras, which represent process from the living to extinction. Jurassic dinosaurs are famous to the public because of success of the film. According to the popularity market, we almost make 60% life size Dinosaur Models in the Jurassic period.

Theme Restaurant Animatronic Dinosaur to enjoy people

Mexico City's Jurassic Theme Restaurant opened in May 2012, wonderful jurassic dinosaurs are must. Through long time negotiation and discussion, 10 Theme Restaurant Animatronic Dinosaurs travel thousands miles to their new home. In the restaurant, Animatronic Triceratops and T-Rex is set scene of battle seem like a prehistoric creatures war. Tyrannosaurus want to hunt the triceratops and Triceratops also fight against with its horns.

"They brought big surprise and shocking while amazing dinosaurs came to our restaurant. Their vivid movements and roaring palsy our customers that make them think they're real. So, each day, we will welocme many customers, who want to watch these vivid Jurassic Animatronic Dinosaurs." said by Sim Purthes, who is director of the restaurant.

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