2013 Cartoony World New Attraction-Animatronic Dinosaur at Children Park

5m long Animatronic Dinosaur Stegosaurus at the Children Park

Here, I have to recemmend the 2013 new attraction for kids, which is Children Park Animatronic Dinosaur. I believe that everybody especially children have abundant imagination to unknown things. If you let them see million years ago huge creatures, they must feel wonderful and excited and want to know more knowledge about these creatures. At the same time, the kids also learn rich natural and environmental knowledge in the interesting activities.

"Our boss had no intention of thinking of theme of dinosaur. In fact, we also manage one kindergarten around the cartoony world, and think of Animatronic Dinosaur service to curious children. Let the large dinosaurs can talk about natural information and environment protection each day, and the kids also listen carefully" said by Miss Huang who is the secretary of the director of Cartoony World.

Best Animatronic Dinosaur Service in China

After the amazing dinosaurs came to the kindergarten, attracting much parents and social groups as media. they thought it is surprised that kids can learn naturally knowledge about nature and environmental protection. In addition, through these Interactive Robotic Dinosaurs, they produced much interest to natural science, which is boring class from school. So did it, Children Park's manager wanted to import more dinosaurs for 2013 Dinosaur Alive Exhibition.

"Our first plan is to purchase 30 jurassic style Animatronic Dinosaurs for new built park area. The area has 5000m², which contains 30 large guys. In the area, people can visit the amazing Dinosaur Animatronics at the central district of the track by train."

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