Customized Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal join the Halloween Show

Customized Animatronic Dinosaur in Halloween

11 Customized Animatronic Dinosaur and other Animal will be showed in The Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks in Halolween. Why use these Halloween Animatronic Animals in the festival? "We want to change traditional idea and make Grave Encounters like movie between people and showroom. Do not stay at home and go out for finding real terrible things! This concept must be exciting to present the young groups." Said by Jerricos Alexand, who is the director of the show.
If mentioning Halloween, what monsters you could think of? Pumpkin head, devil hunter, dark rides, ghost or walking dead? Please geting rid of these devils, and imagining former real monsters, who once ruled whole the earth! Yes, they are wonderful dinosaurs. You must join our wonderful adventure  journey, could be so sorry if missed.

Customized Animatronic Shark at the showroom

So, what is the terrible Animatronic Animal in the showroom? it must be horrible and impressived seem like a cannibalism wolf. "I think everyone do not forget Jaws how terrible is, right?" That is right, one big size Animatronic Shark will come to the showroom accompany everyone's Halloween.

"Be careful, do not be ate by the big creatures whatever dinosaurs or shar etc. They are here with you all the time, but you do not know when the monsters come out. In the journey, surprise and stimulation also come with you all the time."

If you do not stay at the home and find more stimulation in the halloween, please choice well Halloween exhibits. Our wonderful Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal will give you best answer.


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