Cartoon Animatronic Dinosaur as the Water Park Attraction

Cartoon Animatronic Dinosaur in the dinopark

As professional dinosaur park supplier, we also offer Cartoon Animatronic Dinosaur to Water Park. In the summer, many tourists will go to water park for enjoying swimming and water sports etc. Our Xingjiang client want to set one new water park attraction to strengthen atmosphere of entertainment. For example, placing some cute and cartoon Animatronic Maiasaura to the central plaza of the park as welcoming guest attraction, that attracts more people attention.

These cartoon dinosaurs could talk and move cutely seem like the park' s pets. They seemingly will show the biggest enthusiasm to the tourists, and make them have good and happy experience in the park. Then, client ordered 2 units of cute dinosaur nest under the Maiasaura. Cute little dino models with cartoon sound and movements make people more loved. 

Animatronic Maiasaura in the Water Park

In fact, our Cute Animatronic Dinosaur model early has stepped into the China exhibition market. In Shanghai 1999, our shareholders were invited by local educational department to held one big Cartoon Animal Exhibition in the Nanjing Road Plaza. Then, cute ET, Dinosaur and cartoon figures etc. models met to local kids as activity of the outdoor education.

On the basic outdoor activities experience, Water Park client also aksed our help to host one outdoor Animatronic Dinosaur interactive events between toruists and dinos. Their idea that people once think of dino and could know the park, and make animatronic dinosaur become local speciality by their park's activities.



Here is Cartoon Animatronic Dinosaur Video

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