Ice Age Style Animatronic Animal in the Science Museum

Ice Age Style Animatronic Animal in the factory

Recently, we have took the order of 29 Ice Age Style Animatronic Animal from old South America client. In the discussion between client and I, I know that he want to build one Ice Age Animal exhibiting area in the South America Science Museum Venezuela. So, vivid Ice Age Animal model would become main role there, and our duty is to make best quality Animatronic Animal according to his demand.

Known as the public, mammoth and smilodon etc. are usual ice age animals, we have mature working procedure to build moving animal model because of multiple creation. In a manner of speaking, we could finish these usual animal as soon as possible according to former existed data and file of making. We surely could complete these models in the specified time.

Life Size Simulation Dinosaur in the outdoor

Last year, Hasan who is the director of Only Ticket, which the famous Artist Agency in Venezuela, ordered 46 Life Size Simulation Dinosaurs for his tour exhibition all over the country. Then, the visitors all cry at the moving dinosaur model "Oh! they are alive and attack me. Scare me much." Almost all people could not restrain internal emotion.

South America Science Museum enlarged recently prehistoric creatures exhibiting hall on the sixth floor. Louis Afregurd, curator of the museum were glad to first groups life size Dinosaur Animatronics who came to the museum in 2010. "These dinosaurs bring much tourists and interesting for the museum. Breaking the traditional impression to our museum that make people really touch museum exhibits, and having good interaction between visitors and the museum."

Hasan also enlarge his Ice Age Animal exhibiting from the country to others as Panama, Jamaica and Bolivia etc. These country people never see these amazing Animatronic Animals, so having big potential market to him.

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