Biggest and Best Animatronic Dinosaurs Factory in China

China Animatronic Dinosaur Factory is professional

We are factory in Cina, which only can take order of over 200 units Animatronic Dinosaurs in 3 months. We also can create any size dinosaur replica from 1m to 80m long. So, do you imagine how strong production ability is? Yes, if you want to buy best Animatronic Dinosaurs or other animals in China, please contact us at free. In Zigong, you can get best handmade moving dinosaurs from us.

Our all dinosaur models sculpted by excellent handwork from our artists. People will surprise its movements of dinosaur, and cry out "Oh, my god, dinosaur moves. How can do it?" The amazing function is success to our electric engineers because they design program of action command in the customized control box. It makes Animatronic Dinosaurs move smoothly. 

Dinosaur Park Animatronic Dinosaur as attraction

In the world, we have built the net to Dinosaur Parks such as America, Czekh, Germany and Poland etc. There Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction almost made by us because of our excellent quality and service. After we sell dinosaur, doesn't mean we do not care them, we have inquiry service in life. Once happening stoppage, we will ask our experienced engineer to solve until good.

Our client can take picture or video to stoppage points and show us by email or telephone, our staff after sell will handover our the engineers. At most two days, the problem must be solved. So, please believe us that we are Best and Biggest Animatronic Dinosaurs Factory in China.  

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