Best Quality Animatronic Animal Made in China

Best Quality Animatronic Animal Factory in China

Animatronic Animal with realistic movements and roaring is an industry early beore Jurassic Park film comes out in 1993. Then, Advanced technology is mastered by westerns and they occupy main market in the world. After the film was popular, our company directors, who then were mechanical and electric engineers, started to try to make Animatronic Animal like westerns. They insist on the idea of building Best Quality Animatronic Animal Made in China.

Through over closely 20 years, now we have biggest Animatronic Animal Factory in China that over 4000m², and 10 professional electric and mechanical engineers. We have ability of producing amount orders.(over 200 Animatronic Animals in the two months)

We not only own favourable cost and absolute quality for our Animatronic Animal.

Best Quality Animatronic Animal Factory in China

You surely want to know how we keep the best quality Animatronic Animal, right? Let me tell you our secret about our key to success. First of all, we arrange procedure of profession for production to each head from 3 departments as mechanical, electric and sculpted. Second step, we limit production time and promise quality to each head, and will make an inspection after depart. staff finish production. Third, we establish reward and punishment system to each staff. Once someone control with foul and got punishment and got reward in the opposite condition.

We pay more attention to our moving Animal quality, because we look upon quality as our company life. We need long term cooperation, not one time. Especially museum, once our animal model enter into museum that confirm our animal is quality of qualitys. We have enough confidence to make best quality Museum Animatronic Animal.

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