Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics Decorated Theatre

Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics Decorated theatre

During the Jurassic, the supercontinent then really breakup into pieces. Our Life Size Dinosaur Animatronics decorated the stage background. Although Gondwana was still intact in the beginning of the Cretaceous, Gondwana itself now broke up as South America, Antarctica and Australia reptured away from Africa. As Professional Animatronic Dinosaur Maker, we early received the order about decorating complicated dinosaur world. After we produced 22 Mesozoic Dinosaur Animatronics, we sent 10 staff to the exhibited site for decorating backgroubd stage of the show and installing.

Visitors see Amazing Moving Dinosaur Show

Through the Amazing Moving Dinosaur Show, spreading concerned enviroement knowledge to audiences. For example, then the sea levels were high to blood lots dinosaurs. For strengthening reality of then environment, our client designedly asked us to handle their ordered artificial trees in China to their exhibited site. The jurassic landscape looked very similar to the mysterious island, but there were still no grasses. We spent closely 15 days to layout stage and Jurassic Featured Animatronic Dinosaur, and created the biggest artificial forest at the local.

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                 Realistic Dinosaur Movements Video

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