Animatronic Dinosaur Head For Sale in Christmas

Animatronic Dinosaur Head as Christmas Decoration

Everybody enjoy the Christmas holiday like MSI in winter 2011. Three months ago to Christmas, we released several news of Animatronic Dinosaur Head for Sale in Christmas. I think, that is best dinosaur theme exhibits as Christmas decoration. Chicago Science Museum director was glad to order our Dinosaur Head Exhibits after he had detailed cooperation plan about animatronic decorations. The museum tradition which started in 1947 with a Christmas tree devoted to the contributors of science for America.


Originally, only Animatronic Dinosaur Head bought by client, but continue to order 2m high fiberglass wall that installed dino head exhibits into wall. Its aim to created one visceral impact that the heads come out suddenly. So do that, surprising the visitors in Christmas.

Animatronic Dinosaur Head for sale in the holiday

In the layout, the Museum’s 30-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex head exhibit takes entrance stage in the rotunda with more 15000 lights and 1200 decorations. Our Large Size Animatronic Dinosaur Head surrounded by more 40 mini artificial trees mysteriously decorated by museum staff to release their traditional and novel culture by our Christmas Decorated Animatronic Dinosaur. Walk through the trees, enjoy interactive entertainment and amazing performances on the Christmas stage. School aged groups also came to museum for free to learn interesting science knowledge and visit mysterious Dinosaurs Alive Exhibition.

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