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Animatronic Life Size Animals in the outdoor

I just ran into the coolest and most formative art work-Animatronic Life Size Animals, perfectly-animated, lifelike, Robotic Animal model head ever! I totally must get one of these for my Animatronic Animal Factory at work.


In 2009, Only Ticket which was famous exhibiting company in South America, ordered 21 Dinosaur Animatronics for its 2010 exhibiting plan-Wonderful Jurassic Period. These Life Size Animals include many different catalogs from Triassic to Jurassic period, and feature animals of millions years ago.


Each Animal Model, we must use artificial fur and feather to create their simulated surface texture. So, our project staff need to soak  the things and dry them before create the surface of Animatronic Animal.

Animatronic Animal Factory in China

The Alive Life Size Animals made by our artists is the first in a new line of Animatronic Life Size animals that are wonderfully realistic.


Traditionally, we use sponge and silicone to build entire animal body as first step. After that, we make fur and feather handling. Vivid Animatronic Animal seem like an alive creature.


Best of all, it has a "Electric Control Guard Mode" for when someone comes into the Animatronic Animal to do somethings as memory, dinosaur animatronics will move and roar automatically.


Imagine their reaction when stealthily approach them. It starts screeching and swinging to their actions. This thing is beyond Awesome, Creepy and Cool!

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