How to Make Quality Animatronic Dinosaur

How to make Quality Animatronic Dinosaur

In 1993, one world famous movie Jurassic Park that shocks people. People is hard to imagine millions years ago Dinosaur can come to screen of film. Who can forget the scare of the Great White coming out of the water in "Jaws"? 

So, do you still want to see Dinosaur Alive like then classics? How to Make the Quality Animatronic Dinosaur like foreigners that then becomes main question we think about.


How make these Dinosaurs move and roar ? Basically, an Animatronic control box is a customized puppet. It may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. The control box may only perform a restrained range of motions or it may be incredibly versatile.

Quality Animatronic Dinosaur Factory in China

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Whether you want to know our Quality Animatronic Dinosaur Factory and making way? Here you can find best answer to it.


No.1: Inside metal frame molded

With the best mechanical working technology, we make steel frame, which is ready for Dinosaur Animatronics inside driven


No.2: Foam type

Wrapping the completed metal frame with 40 degree density sponge which is not easy to damage is to shape Dinosaur skin


No.3: Skin ruffle handling

With heating rod, drawing Dinosaur wrinkle on the skin to strengthen Animatronic Dinosaur surface texture.


No.4: Gluing silicone

Completing the entire Animatronic Dinosaur skin through last 3 layers of silicone


No.5: Color 

Painting the real color from then living environment for dinosaur


No.6: Text procesure before transport

Inspecting Animatronic Dinosaur's mechanical running so that confirm its safety before transport


No.7: Packing

Normally, we use wooden box and air bubble film to pack finished Animatronic Dinosaur. We will dismantle huge size dinosaur model, and offer installation service to client need.


After you see above information, you should konw we are Professional Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer.

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