Animatronic Life Size Animals Show Midwestern

Animatronic Life Size Animals show Midwestern

The Ice Age started about forty thousands years ago. During that time countless species of animals perched the district that is now the Midwestern America. We are invited to make Animatronic Life Size Animals about Ice Age species as American client's scientific exhibits in the museum. Most of these Animatronic Animals will been processing for tour exhibition all over the country. Real ice age animals are extinct. Digging out these animal fossil through years discovering.

we want to make these animals including mammoth, mastodon and glyptodont etc. that date between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago (the late Ice Age). Our client have made detailed plan to decorate themselves exhibiting site in the Midwestern is to host one biggest Ice Age Animatronic Animal Exhibition in the world.

Animatronic Animal Ice Age made by us

The Ice Age Exhibition goal is for visitors to have a better understanding for ice age environment and creatures knowledge. For example, Do your children know about ice age natural knowledge? Boring class education can bring much interesting to children? Also, unlike what is performed in the films, there are never glaciers in Midwestern. More over, did you know what there are still Ice Age animals living today?

These arduous projects all fall our shoulders, but we are confident to build wonderful animals model as Biggest China Animatronic Animal Manufacturer.


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