Awesome Animatronic Dinosaur Show Fossil World Dinosaur Discover Centre

Awesome Animatronic Dinosaur exhibits indoor

Do you want to see Awesome Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits our Discovery Centre?

Fossil World Discovery Centre gives family entertainment in a hands on prehistoric creatures rich learning environment.


Children can get involved and do interact with Animatronic Pterosaur by customized control table.

Showing wonderful world and learning in a process called "Dinosaur Back" that is our special exhibits at the Fossil World Discovery Centre.


Kids and parents memories are made around excellent jurassic experiences that the family does together.


Fossil World is friendly prehistoric history museum to a child.


Adults also enjoy Fossil World very much.

Our Dinosaur Fossil Replica Exhibits are first class and uniquely praise that the fossil exhibits once decorated into Tyrrell Museum. The museum is a family wonderful experience where scarce opportunity to get the learning process.

Dinosaur Fossil Replica is placed at the Discover Centre

Drumheller Town - Dinosaur Valley of the World

In 2010, the Nature Magazine made a new poll to update the declaration to be - the world dinosaur valley. Drumheller Town was voted the world dinosaur capital again by a wide margin.


Beyond the plenty of Animatronic Dinosaur and Fiberglass Dinosaur statues, and the image of Drumheller Town in the heart of the Canadians are very proud because of Drumheller is the centre of dinosaur all over the world now.


Fossil World Museum was voted as the No.1 natural history museum in the world in like similar vote administered in 2008. This was a big wonder to many Americans but not to Canadians.


Fossil World Discovery Centre striving for more superiority. Come see for yourself, experience our advanced equipment and interactive Robotic Dinosaur etc., and we must be sure you will agree.

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