Dinosaur Alive Back the Stage-Shocking the Audiences

China Animatronic Dinosaur Maker is us

By the time, China Animatronic Dinosaur Maker prepared a end show for our client to enjoy waiting people there would be no encore, this show finally achieve end with success. “Our drummers were tired,” said Brain, who was director of dinosaur tour exhibition. Because we need rocky music to match our Animatronic Dinosaur Show. However, our bands still perform best because of the show of rare opportunity with prehistoric creatures. In the Friday night, many local reporters and tourists enjoyed realistic dinosaur coming back.

Before the show started, the hot word in the stage was “loud.” This is bands that plays at full volume is to build mysterious and scary atmosphere. All the ages young alike were prepared for visiting Life Size Dinosaur Show, ready to take photo with our Animatronic Dinosaur Model as memory, and the security officers there didn’t let anyone get closer touching dinoaur in case damaging, however, the audiences still be enthusiastic.

Artificial Dinosaur Replica made by us

Murdes and Steves, who were responsible for the band’s six members, bashed and thrashed away on stage, and while visitors were entertaining to watch the show, their performance hits every visitor's inside heart. On the stage, one Artificial Dinosaur Replica (tyrannosaurus fossil) debut with shaking to visitors. 2 persons control the dinosaur replica like puppet is to enjoy audiences.   


We need special thanks to ARMS, which was professional stage layout team, hosting successful Dinosaur Alive Exhibition. They layout our Dinosaur Animatronics busily before the show began, and gave us many constructive suggestion such as stage background exchange by manual device. After that, the different dinosaur periods can be showed in time.


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