Amazing Animatronic Animal Exhibit at Houston Zoo

Animatronic Animal Exhibit at hte Zoo

Our Animatronic Animal Exhibit is being introduced again slowly to Houston Zoo Prehistoric Animal Exhibits, where they will be the new final of the Ice Age Safaris attraction. It carries visitors through an Ice Age-inspired nunatak.

Mammoth families have been adjusting to their North America continent surroundings in backstage areas. (Artificial surroundings) Full Size Animatronic Animal will arrive in February, said Mark Henry, animal-exhibits, director.

Animatronic Animal Mammoth probably one of the most typical of all the Ice Age mammals, and visitors have repeatedly, through the years, told us that it's one of the animals they'd really like to see more of," Mark said.


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Full Size Animatronic Animal will arrives in the Zoo

Animatronic Animal was acquired en maintain through the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums, a non-profit institution that backs the protection and science sides of animal research.

"It was important for us to get a cooperation from China Animatronic Animal Factory that already knew each other" Mark said.

Through extinction factors of prehistoric animal, educators in the Zoo spread knowledge of animal protection to visitors, especially children. Let children learn more natural knowledge by the Life Size Animatronic Animal.


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