Our Animatronic Dinosaur will Exhibits at Brevard Zoo

Animated Animatronic Dinosaur shows in outdoor park

Located near Melbourne, Florida, Brevard Zoo - Animated Animatronic Dinosaur have been on the move throughout the Cedar Fair relate the past years, and now it looks like dinosaurs’ll finally be migrating to a sunny weather a bit further south. Carowinds, located near Charlotte, NC, is to become the next recipient of Dinosaur Alive Exhibition.

Set to perform for first time in spring 2013, Dinosaur Alive Exhibition will be the “largest Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition in the Southeast!” according to the offical website. Over 5 acres of land, Carowinds’ vision of the Animatronic Dinosaur Show will feature 62 life-sized Animatronic Dinosaur Replicas in a multi-sensory and interactive environment.

People like the Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur

Amongst the 62 Animatronic Dinosaurs will be exhibited 52 species from 4 different continents. Twelve scenes and over 2000+ yards of trails throughout the 7 acres will feature such dinosaurs as T-Rex who battles with Spinosaurus, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurus, the biggest of the bunch at 40 ft high and 60 ft long. The new Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction will take the place of the underused picnic area by the “east gate” and Afterburn roller coasters.

Thousands of visitors have already been pre-booked for favorite Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur activities from now on, and bookings are daily increasing.

Here is more info about Brevard Zoo, please visit http://www.brevardzoo.org/

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