Animatronic Dinosaur At Glod Cost-Dinosaur Island

Indoor Dinosaur Animatronics

Prehistoric Creatures World on Australia’s Gold Coast today announced Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition that it will be coming back in period more than 65 million years with the launch of a brand new Interactive Animatronic Dinosaur Attraction that will take visitors on a journey into the Dinosaur World.


Beginning in mid Auguest 2012, Prehistoric Creatures World’s Dinosaur Island will include a stunning indoor jungle Dinosaur Animatronics display, a Dinosaur Fossil centre as well as an outdoor forest featuring Life-Size Dinosaur Animatronic, skeleton displays and fossil replicas from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


Village Roadshow Theme Parks Chief Executive Officer Tom Shanks said that Prehistoric Creatures World’s Animatronic Dinosaur Island will be a world class attraction allowing toruists to enter a world where Dinosaurs reigned supreme.


Remote Control Animatronic Dinosaur

One of the Animatrinic Dinosaur attraction’s best features is that it’s highly interactive. Both the young and young at heart will be in joy as they watch the realistic dinosaurs come to life, moving their heads and tails, breathing and roaring. Visitors will even be able to control the movements of some of the Remote Control Animatronic Dinosaur using special interactive panels.


"The kids will love the interactive Dinosaur Digging Site where they can become real life palaeontologists and dig for fossilised Dinosaurs footprints, just like the ones coming to life all around them, that is supported function with Animatronic Dinosaur Service" he said.


Animatronic Dinosaur Island will bring to life the lost world of Dinosaurs allowing visitors to walk among enormous herbivores and fierce carnivores that inhabit Dinosaur Island, including a massive Tyrannosaurus rex of Dinosaur Animatronics.

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