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In 2010, the MEGA DINO began its partnership with South America Exhibiting Company(SAEC)—a company from Venezuela who is a sole leader in the field of Animatronic Dinosaur and Animatronic Animal exhibition. Later, our animals replica gradually step into the world market.


Now, MEGA DINO has become a leading provider of animatronic Industry. We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs of amusement, entertainment, and hospitality businesses in various themed projects that need animatronic characters......


Animatronic Dinosaur Project service for our client



After we sell Animatronic products, related service such as installation and maintainance is available for our clients. Our Animatronic Dinosaur and Animal are well known for its high quality and lots of successful project worldwide.


At the same time, related design and layout etc. service are offered. We not only sell the animtronics, but also provide idea of animatronics exhibition. (Please click "service" to know more)



Animatronic Dinosaur can be placed in parks, museums, shopping mall centre, Jurassic Restaurant etc. venues to be decorated jurassic style. Do you still recember the 1993 "Jurassic Park" that let us experience Dinosaur Alive.


Animatronic Animal, which is an union of eductaion & entertainment for both young and old. Fiberglass Dinosaur as excellent dino theme exhibit is favorite landscape to many clients who love it. Fiberglass Animal Replica show static sense of beauty to Animals Alive that make people to be touching to nature in the clity life.

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Our Clients:

America Dinosaur Adventure is real dino show
Croatia Dinosaur park is our client
Venezuela Dinosaur Park is our poineer Animatronic Dinosaur order client
Our Animatronic Dinosaur at England Dinosaur park
India Animatronic Dinosaur Show
Geopark Prehistoric Animal Model

We are professional Animatronic Dinosaur making factory in China. In addition, our Animatronmic Animal still could be best exhibit to any venues.